Saveiro Super Surf and Fox Pepper

São Bernardo do Campo ( Brazil ), October 17, 2014

What makes the South African motor industry, if there is to present new? It meets every two years at the International Motor Show in São Paulo. From 30 October to 9 November 2014, it 's that time again. Volkswagen has two special models in the luggage: an old friend and a true South Americans.

the Saveiro

Do you know the VW Gol? The mixture of polo and golf since 1987 in Brazil the undisputed number one in the sales statistics. No wonder that some of the bestsellers Karosserieabwandlungen received. One of them is the pick-up model Saveiro. The loadmaster is produced since 1983. In Germany there were 1983 to 1992 a counterpart called VW Caddy. The small pick-up brought it in this country but only on a first generation. In South America, in 2013 launched the now sixth generation of the Gol - pick-ups. In the Motor Show, the VW designers from overseas have a special model here. The edition called Super Surf is offered for the respective current Saveiro model since 2002.

Special Edition Super Surf

In addition to the standard equipment in the new SingleCab pick-up records from a honeycomb front grille with chrome strip. The fog lights are integrated into the front bumper from the factory. Other standard features include the electrically adjustable door mirrors, air conditioning and front airbags. The Super Surf is compared with the standard car by 27 millimeters raised. This results in a ground clearance of 192 millimeters.

Ethanol and gasoline operation

The necessary propulsion in Surfer Pick - up gives a 1.6 - liter engine that run on ethanol ?? typical for the South African vehicle market ?? to a power of 104 bhp ( 101 PS petrol ). To route the motor power is a five-speed manual transmission on board. Is delayed with standard disc brakes on all four wheels.

And the old friends? In Europe, the three-door micro-car VW Fox from 2005 was offered as Lupo successor. In 2011, the little fox then replaced the Up. In South America, the Fox was never replaced by a new model is also available as a five-door and in 2009 received an extensive facelift. The current - generation Fox is now as sharp special model called " Pepper " on the Motor Show in São Paulo.

The features

The basis for the Fox serves in the trim line " Highline". The peppery micro car comes with black 15 - inch alloy wheels, with a black roof and a red special paint. In addition, the sporty-looking little gets a new front bumper and a honeycomb grille, chrome accents all sorts, modified side skirts, a rear diffuser indicated and standard fog lamps.

the drive

The drive is a 1.6 - liter four-cylinder is used, which is coupled with a manual six-speed gearbox. The engine runs preferably with ethanol and generated from the alcohol - fuel 120 hp. That's enough to accelerate the small Brazilian with German roots in 9.8 seconds to 100 km / h. Is fuel in the tank, then take the sprint 0.5 seconds longer.

Prices and market introduction for South America

When the special editions Fox Pepper and Saveiro Super Surf go into production, it is not yet known. Also on the possible prices, Volkswagen do Brasil holds still covered. For more information, it will probably be after the Motor Show in São Paulo. In Europe the models are but as usual not be available . (ml)