Safe Volvo, dangerous Mustang?

Brussels (Belgium), January 25, 2017

Security is a top priority, even when purchasing a car. Finally, you want to have a more or less realistic chance of survival in case of a fall. Now latest crash tests show the EuroNCAP test organization, as the issue of safety for new cars will vary. At the same time, the results raise the question how meaningful are awarded stars with views of the safety of passengers and pedestrians.

What defines security?

The background: Almost in every year, the shares relevant to the star rating are weighted new. Meanwhile, the actual cold deformation of the vehicle plays a diminishing role, instead existing assistance systems in the field of safety of importance. Also, each continental NCAP organization weighted differently: two stars in Asia would be in this country shortly before death, two stars from Europe in Asia but pretty sure.

Hui in the United States, ugh in Europe

A good example is the now guided by EuroNCAP test of the Ford Mustang. There were only two stars for the sports car. Why? In the offset frontal crash test the front airbags not enough to sufficiently hold driver and passengers began to unfold. At full frontal impact, the rear passenger under the belt slipped, so that the danger of abdominal injuries. The head of the 10-year Dummies of the interior trim parts that have been blasted off with the curtain airbag touched in the event of a lateral collision. The General Secretary of the EuroNCAP Michiel van Ratingen to: "Ford didn't expect that EuroNCAP tests the Mustang. Therefore was not safe technology that is available in the United States, for European customers." What is meant is the Elimination of front collision warning. Ford says that the collision avoidance as well as an active track holding wizard standard will be of the recently presented facelift Mustang. This model comes in the United States is expected in the autumn of 2017 on the market, in Europe probably beginning 2018 will then also test's EuroNCAP.

Swedish security Kings

A highlight was, however, the Volvo S90/V90. The double from sedan and station wagon is technically related to the XC90. Therefore, there are many security assistance, including an autonomous emergency braking both cars and pedestrians in series. According to EuroNCAP, achieved the best score of the year 2016 the two new 90's models and are located in the exclusively consisting of Volvo models top-3 list of all time. (rh)