Rinspeed Xchange Welcome on board

Welcome on board

From the outside, the Rinspeed Xchange looks like a normal touring sedan. He has more interior of the business class of an airplane. There the passengers to relax, because just like the plane takes the autopilot control.

If cars can drive autonomously, the man suddenly has a lot of time behind the wheel. How he can spend this particularly pleasant, now beats the Swiss coachbuilder Rinspeed in the form of a concept vehicle. The touring sedan Xchange celebrates ( March 6 to 16 ) premiere at the Geneva Motor Show.

Externally, the concept car looks like a conventional, albeit designed sporty touring saloon. No coincidence Rinspeed uses but the E-Car Tesla Model S as the base vehicle. Inside, however, unfolds depending on the driver's request, a living room or office environment. The centerpiece is a special pew, which was developed based on the model of airline seats and be adjusted frequently, swivel, and rotate. Overall, it should be possible over 20 different configurations. To make sure it does not interfere with the steering wheel, this is electrically retracted.

Because there are now manifold seating positions instead of one, the instruments and control units must be variable. In total, four distributed in the interior screens important information there is, where they are best seen. The control of all functions should work on gestures. Another highlight is a panoramic roof made ​​of Plexiglas, which shimmers in the colors of the rainbow.

In their country of origin, the study also points to an automatic watch winder in the form of a globe of Carl F. Bucherer. This is made when the vehicle is in motion and pulls automatic watches on.

Xchange is not built in series. Like the other studies of Geneva Rinspeed he is more of a visionary finger game that will give suggestions for the future. Last year, the Swiss had presented at their home exhibition only a 3.60-meter-long minibus for five people, which should reduce the traffic problems in big cities. A year earlier it was to see an electrically driven smart, which can travel emission-free thanks to a seamless dockable trailer with extra battery and long distances. 2011 presented to the built from renewable resources subcompact Bamboo, 2010 E-compact car that was optimized for the transport by rail.