Renault Twingo Everything is new generation in three

Everything is new generation in three

After the slip up with the rather staid second generation Renault Twingo is now with a friendly face and cuddly proportions again fully on cuteness. Technically, however, he goes completely new ways.

Renault is breaking new ground at the third edition of the small car Twingo. Because the city car was jointly developed with the equally new Smart Forfour, he not only has a rear-mounted engine, but also standard on five doors. The premiere takes place at the Geneva Motor Show ( March 6 to 16 ), he comes to the market in the fall. Expected to prices around 10,000 euros.

Visually, the new edition is clearly from the more conventionally-designed predecessor. And also with the popular first edition, with its eye-catching saucer eyes of third parties of its name has nothing in common. Renault's design chief Laurens van den Acker, sees the Renault 5 as a model, but unbiased motorists could also see the Fiat 500. Similar to the Italian competitor of the Twingo offers a short hood and behind a compact passenger compartment, hardly notice its rear doors because the handles are hidden in the C-pillar. Thanks to the rear-mounted engine, there are only tiny body overhangs, which supports the cuddly proportions again. The front bears the familiar Renault family face with the big diamond, flanked by friendly-looking headlights eyes, at the rear there is a glazed door.

Technical details are not called the manufacturer. For the drive should like the model brother Smart Fortwo three-cylinder petrol engine with up to 80 hp are used, the press consumption under the four-liter mark. For a later stage, a Gordini sports version with more than 100 horsepower is possible. However, not provided is a two-seater Twingo. The segment remains the Smart Fortwo reserved, which is also expected along with his four-seater model brother for the fall.