Plug-in chauffeur - Coupe for China

Shanghai (China ), April 20, 2015

In March 2015 VW revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, the Sports Coupé Concept GTE. According to VW chief designer Klaus Bischoff was there presented and 4.87 meters long study " the first look at a new Designära ". Thus, the concept has already been traded as a possible successor CC. Now show the Wolfsburg at the Shanghai Auto Show 2015 ( April 22 to 29 ), a 5.07-meter-long, four-door coupe concept for the Chinese market. We were there and the study raised us ever looked at more closely.

Shell design

Visually, the Chinese premiere vehicle based on the study by the Geneva Motor Show. But really new exterior design is an ambient lighting. If the car ?? either by remote control or keyless entry ?? opened, a dynamic light show starts outdoors. This first integrated in the radiator grille VW logo lights up. Next, the element contour of the upper grille crossbar, and the surrounds the LED double headlights are illuminated. In the side section follows a narrow light element that stretches below the A-pillar from the fender to the door. Subsequently, the retractable door handles turn. Finally, each a narrow strip in the LED tail lights illuminates the rear of the vehicle.

Chauffeur coupe interior

Despite the sporty body shape it to the Chinese passengers can make yourself comfortable, especially in the rear. Thus, the design of the driving range is technically oriented, while a cozy atmosphere dominates the rear interior. Accordingly, the proportion of materials such as wood and leather in the rear is higher. In the center console between the rear individual seats there are two personal 4.5-inch touchscreen that you can control the seat adjustment and individual climate control for the left and right zone of the Fund. Important for privacy in the rear: In addition to the buttons for the power windows and switch for actuating the side blinds and for continuous darkening panoramic sunroof are integrated into the doors.

Technical data of the plug-in hybrid system

It is powered by the golden C Coupé GTE is a plug-in hybrid system. This consists of a turbo petrol engine with four cylinders, an eight-speed automatic, integrated into the transmission module electric motor and a lithium-ion battery. The Turbo Gasoline delivers 210 hp, the electric motor delivers 124 hp. The system output is 245 hp. The maximum torque of the drive units is 500 Newton meters. In 8.6 seconds, the VW - study accelerates from zero to 100. The maximum speed is the manufacturer of 232 km / h. All-electric can move far (up to a speed of 130 ), the C Coupe GTE up to 50 kilometers. The total range is said to be over 800 kilometers. The combined fuel consumption is given as 2.3 liters per 100 kilometers.

New Phaeton with many bonds

On the edge of the presentation we have already learned that the new VW Phaeton will get a similar front. Even more design and technology bonds are planned, but especially likely be far less the coupé-like silhouette. The end of 2016, beginning of 2017, the new Phaeton is presented. Whether the C Coupe GTE by then a real opportunity to get ready for series production, is not yet known . (ml)