Please a cappuccino!

Bregenz (Austria), 7 June 2016

"My God, that is small!" it shoots me through my head when I can see him for the first time in reality. Still tiny as I had painted it me in my wildest dreams. There is talk of the Suzuki Cappuccino. Soujanya what? If you do not know the bonsai-Roadster, no problem: only 120 copies in 1994 officially found their way to Germany. Has made one fit Suzuki of it quite some time ago. So I should curve now around Lake Constance.

Mass for your Pocket

But it says so simply: how to shoehorned 1.88 metres European normal in this roadster, next to a Hyundai i10 looks like a mid-size SUV? The dimensions of the cappuccino: 3,30 metres long, 1.39 meters wide, 1.18 meters high and a wheelbase of 2.06 metres. Length and height indicate on his lineage: 3.30 m and 1.40 m were 1991 limits Kei cars. Mostly cube-shaped mobile, which in Japan especially so as cut bread run those, because you have no parking for them. Not so bad, you say? Well, Yes: In Tokyo 400 euros and more are loose per month for due.

Artful entry

Therefore, the Japanese producers are very creative has always been, what is Kei-cars. The van up to the SUV, almost any form is to have. Occasionally a roadster, currently about the successor of the Daihatsu Copen. And before 25 years of the Suzuki cappuccino, in which I now artfully must drape me. On the right mind you, because as a left hand drive there was never the little Suzi. So: Only the left leg in the footwell. Then fold the butt on the seat and the right leg like a folding knife to Shepherd it through the sill. Managed! But with a roof and a passenger on my side it is very cuddly. Kindly, the roof can be completely removed or converted to a Targa version. We opt for the second solution. Tact is needed here, because the trunk is also a space saver. Both halves of the roof and the crotch strap must inside are stacked according to the Japanese instructions. Remaining space? Maybe ten litres. I'm glad that there is a small storage area behind our seats.

So, the micro Turbo drives

We start with the powerful three-cylinder sound. Promptly tackle the wipers when I want to Flash. That's right, the indicator lever is right here. But because I'm quick on the not so bad sitting position. Also because Suzuki has installed a smaller sports steering wheel, I'm not getting as Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame off after a few hours. Thanks to a Turbo brings the cappuccino only 657 cubic 64 PS, which meet on 725 kilograms (empty, mind you). Sounds nominally rather lame, but proves sparkling in the course of time. I must but get used to: this is a Turbo of the old school, so must be turned. Suzis tachometer goes up 12,000 rpm, the Red range starts at 8,500. As soon as the charger enters a green Turbo icon glows on, it blows easily and goes off the post. In parallel the five gears despite short routes would run exactly. Not so simple at all, if the left hand must take over this work.

A small fishers of men

But the result convincing: in just eight seconds to 100 km/h (not even 140 final is already), especially reverse mountain roads snaked are the element of Cappuccino. The small Suzuki finds his admirer, however, in populated areas: we are about to create a tally, so often we hear "Oh, which is sweet/cute/cute!". Many children are attracted by the supposed toy car in "Cordoba-Red". And although the cappuccino is so rare, you must not excessively debt is for him: enough already 10,000 euros for a good used car. So, gentlemen: but anyone can Porsche 911. You get more compliments in the Suzuki. (rh)