Peugeot Partner Partners under current

Partners under current

The Electric Peugeot Partner brings now in Germany a purely electrically powered delivery van on the market. The starting price is 20 800 EUR plus VAT for the van L1 plus the cost of the battery in the amount of 5300 euros. For commercial customers, there is the Splitted-offer deal where the battery can be rented for a period of 96 months.

The Partner Electric is a front-wheel drive. Thus, the generous load space is preserved. Only the ( optional ) spare the \ \ \ " zero emission \ \ \ " box car means, under certain circumstances a small limitation because it is standing sideways in the hold rather than housed under the floor. Here, engineers have positioned the battery for the electric motor. It is a battery with lithium ion technology which does not require expensive cooling. In his two positioned around the rear axle blocks it stores 22.5 kWh of electricity. Its range is up to 170 kilometers.

© Peugeot Peugeot Partner Electric.   Before charging the battery at the partner Electric are two options available. For normal charging the connection of the vehicle by means of a serial cable that connects the charging socket in the front right fender with a household power outlet and includes the monitoring electronics. Depending on the current network capacity and residual capacity fade for a full charge about eight and a half hours. Using the optionally available quick charge can be charged 80 percent of the battery capacity in just half an hour. The socket is located in the rear left side wall, where the fuel filler flap is located at the conventional models with internal combustion engine.

The electric motor of the electric partner provides 49 kW / 67 hp. It accelerates in five seconds to 50th The maximum speed is limited in favor of a range optimization to 110 km / h.

Peugeot offers the partner Electric in the \ \ \ "normal \ \ \ " Design L1 with a length of 4.38 meters and a load volume of 3300 liters. The variant L2 is 25 inches longer and has a volume of 3700 liters. The load capacity is 695 kg.