Panoramic everything in sight

Schwalbach, December 17, 2014

A 360 - degree view without annoying interruption through the roof pillars will allow motorists future Jaguar Land Rover. These digital cameras provide video images of the normally concealed areas, which are then displayed on screens that are internally integrated into the roof pillars. The driver could almost see pedestrians, cyclists and other cars pass through the columns and track, for example, on their way from left to right ?? a plus for safety. The traditional shoulder view a corresponding system would be activated on the B-pillar automatically.

Augmented Reality and Car-to-Infrastructure

The visible through the windshield world should also be enriched with information ?? the right keyword is called augmented reality. For this purpose, the car should have a head-up display, which covers the entire front windshield. Then, the system can alert the driver to road users aware of the direction of motion is potentially dangerous. This could be marked by a layered red rectangle, for example, a cross-forming front of the car, the road pedestrians. Their full potential unfolds the technology when combined with a cloud and car-to-infrastructure communication ( C2I ). The driver would see about the traffic lights at a bar waiting how long the traffic light is still red. In addition, the building could be made as shops, restaurants and the like in the field with fonts recognizable. In car parks, the number of available places and parking costs would be displayed. Similarly, the price of the cheapest gas station tracking would work nearby.

The Follow-me - principle

The easiest way to reach a destination in an unfamiliar city by driving behind a knowledgeable local driver. At any rate, the experts of Jaguar and Land Rover said. They invented the " Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation". The system projects a car on the windshield that fits from the driver seamlessly into the current traffic situation. This virtual car one needs to do is follow behind . ( sl)