PAL-V Liberty: Above the clouds

Raamsdonkver (The Netherlands), 31. January 2018

Many will recall The "Fliewatüüt" from the children's series "Robbi, Tobbi and the Fliewatüüt" from 1972. Now, a driving-, excuse me, the plane, which is reminiscent of the legendary vehicle comes To the Geneva motor show (8. to 18. March 2018) will debut the PAL-V Liberty.

Delivery from 2019

Well, in contrast to the Fliewatüüt the Dutch-made PAL can't swim-V Liberty, and he is not running with raspberry juice. But he should leave the age-old dream of a flying car a reality. And by 2019 at the latest, when, according to PAL-V CEO Robert Dingemanse, the General approval is granted. This is the main sticking point is: For years, the PAL-V project is running, but the aircraft for the carriage of passengers are faced with high admission standards. However, the series production will come when all those responsible are secure.

Gyro instead of Heli

Let's see the PAL-V Liberty: The road condition, the three-wheeled vehicle is four meters long and two meters wide. In flight mode, the Rotor joins after five to ten minutes long Transformation to the tail rotor on the roof, in parallel, a kind of Arm of the rudder and Elevator are pivoted, to the rear. Two Rotax engines don't power the Liberty, which is a helicopter. Instead, we're talking about a gyroplane "Gyroplane". This solution is supposed to be flying according to PAL-V is significantly easier and safer than a helicopter. In addition, you can land as also in the case of an engine failure still safe. 180 km/h fast in the Liberty in the air, the range is around 500 km. On the road up to 160 km/h. For a maximum of two passengers with little Luggage, with Only 20 kilograms.

Expensive fun for the more experienced clients

Unfortunately, we have to stand on the euphoria brake. Just out of the traffic jam stand out is not there. Between 90 and 200 meters of "runway" with 20 meters without obstacle on the left and on the right it has to be. A special flight license, you also need the Training lasts for between 30 and 40 hours. However, customers should play for PAL-V-money eh no role: The 90-piece limited edition "Pioneer Edition" of the Liberty costs 499.000 euros, the normal "Sport"Version 299.000 euros. Without taxes, of course.(rh)