Over 3,000 euro for elevation lowering and more individuality?

Role (Switzerland), 12 April 2016

In good time before the official market launch in the early summer of 2016, Infiniti Announces prices of the QX30. While there's the Q30 with five different engines, the three centimeters higher scale Offroadversion of the car only with the 170 HP shipped 2.2-liter top diesel. Series are a four-wheel drive, which can redirect up to 50 percent of the power to the rear, and a seven-speed dual clutch transmission.

From 38,600 euros

You can choose between two equipment variants: as QX30 premium car 38,600 euros, the version QX30 premium Tech is available for 43.170 euros. For comparison: A same motorized Q30 premium 35.390 euros, there is the premium-tech variant for 39.960 euro the price premium is so each 3,210 euros. For a lowering of height alone that seems quite expensive. What happen exactly on facilities, was not informed yet and a detailed list of equipment is missing. In any case, the QX30 has a roof rails in satin-finished chrome and the wheel arch linings are around 5 mm wider than at the Q30. The images also show an (implied) skid, sturdy plastic strips on the bottom of the body and other aprons. The springs and rear stabilizers are stiffer, to compensate for the higher Center of gravity.

Only three percent cheaper than a Mercedes GLA

Compared to the Mercedes GLA, on which it is based, the Infiniti QX30 little cheaper: there are 220 d 4Matic with dual clutch transmission the seven Horsepower of stronger GLA for 39.710 euro, are only about three percent more than the base-Infiniti does. A corresponding BMW X 1 (with 190 PS) indicates it is about as expensive with 37,900 euros from 38,100 euros, the Audi with 183 Horsepower Q3. A range Rover Evoque with 180 HP is only as 39.200 euro.

Three packages

Three packages are among the available tools in the QX30. The technology package for 1.170 euro includes a 360-degree camera system, a parking Assistant and a keyless access system. The security package (2,050 euros) includes a dead angle detector and an Abstandstempomat in addition to the 360-degree camera system and the parking Assistant. The 550-Euro style package features Brown nappa leather seats, privacy glass, as well as a few metal details. In addition, a Bose audio system, a glass roof, and metallic paint are available. (sl)