Over 100 models can electronically be cracked

Munich, 20 March 2017

Cars are becoming rolling machines, but the safety standards lag behind those of the IT industry. The Automobile Club ADAC now notes that after he has tested many cars with keyless systems.

Manufacturer does not include vulnerability

Keyless access and start systems theft threat has already been public in 2016. Since then the safety car builders have not improved, so the Automobile Club. Meanwhile, more than 100 models were examined on this vulnerability and: without exception all were open easily in seconds and drive away. Reminder: when a vehicle with keyless system remains the key in your pocket. He comes in the immediate vicinity of the cars, the central locking system automatically opens the car. Also, the motor can start without putting the key in the ignition lock.

The trick with the wireless extension

The trick of thieves is simple: the electronic "key" also emit their signals if they for example at home are on the dresser in the hallway and the vehicle owner sleeps. The signal can be then taken up by the thieves at the front door and redirected via wireless extension to the car. The equipment required for the wireless extension are not expensive, they can together make according to ADAC experts for around 100 euros from commercially available electronic components themselves by laypeople.

Additional costs through insurance upgraded

The theft of electronic leaves usually no traces. And even if the car is not stolen, the lack of security costs for the motorist, because the cars are classified by increased thefts in the type classification worse so the ADAC. (sl)