Optimization in Japanese

Leverkusen, 14 March 2017

What is it called so beautiful: often held progress only in secret. Hardly any other brand practices that currently better than Mazda. After the revisions of the 3 and Mazda are the 6 series 2 now and the CX-3 optimized. For the first time to admire the models at the Geneva Motor Show 2017 (March 9-19).

Features new steering wheel

Visitors at the Mazda stand should take some time to explore the visible differences. Small Tip: Both a new steering wheel have the 2 as also the CX-3 that is now gripping and offers a simpler layout of buttons. Yet the Japanese to the delight of the current owners of those models without serious changes to the outer skin. Why also? Finally enjoy 2 and CX-3 of great popularity. 2016 the CX-3 well a quarter of European Mazda sales were made.

2: Very subtle visual changes

We draw our gaze at first on the mid-term facelift of the Mazda 2. The 4.06-metre small car came onto the market in 2014 and is always a five-door hatchback. There are new exterior mirrors with integrated turn signals, LED fog lamps with chrome surround and a shark fin antenna on the roof. Inside there are modified instruments in addition to the aforementioned steering wheel, the optional head-up display is colored in the future. As in the CX-3's is but a low-cost solution with plexiglass. A new forward-facing camera allows additional assistance functions. Under the sheet, the driving dynamics control named G-vectoring control is important. It increases driving stability in curves and traction by gentle adjustment of the motor torque. Parallel steering and suspension have been improved. The engine range remains unchanged, only more insulation in addition. On offer are a 1.5-litre suction petrol engine with 75, 90 and 115 HP and a 105 HP of strong turbo diesel with same displacement. For the 90 PS Otto is also an automatic system in the program.

CX-3: Quieter and warmer

Obviously, Mazda builds the G-vectoring control also in the 2015 published CX-3. There is also a heated steering wheel and a tenfold electrically adjustable driver's seat with memory function are new. The latter keeps track of the position of the head-up display also. Optimized chassis, steering and shock absorbers were, in addition, Mazda will have reduced wind noise. Last, but not least, the Interior with more quality should shine. The engine line-up of two petrol engines is very flexible (120 and 150 HP) as well as a diesel (105 HP). A six-speed automatic transmission is available for all units. There are the small petrol engines only with front-wheel drive, its big brother only with all-wheel drive. At the diesel, customers have a choice. (rh)