Opel Ampera-e: Now the price of the electric car is known

Rüsselsheim, Germany, 20 April 2017

With the Opel Ampera-e will start soon an electric car that can hold it when it comes to range even with the Tesla models: the car should create 520 kilometers with a charge. Now, Opel is finally also the price. The short answer to all questions is: 39.330 euro or (after deducting the electric premium) 34.950 euro.

Initially only as Nobel version

The whole truth is always more complicated. Because who wants to belong to the first owners of the Ampera e, paying more to around 5,000 euros. First is the car only as a fully equipped first edition available. Electronic Wizard, a leather seats, steering wheel and heated seats, alloy wheels and a Bose audio system include the equipment a metallic paint, a lot. The list price is 44.060 euros, after deduction of the promotion 39.680 euro to pay. The difference of 4.380 euro stems from the actual promotion (4,000 euro) and the reduced value added tax.

Production in the United States, selling over 40 dealers

Produced the Ampera e together with the identical Chevrolet bolt EV at the General Motors plant in Orion, Michigan. About 40 dealers take over sales in Germany at the beginning of (officially known as the Commission agent), who have been specially trained for advice and service. About these agents first will be the Ampera e Edition primarily via leasing available. Now you can also register on the Opel Web site as a prospective buyer. The first vehicles will be available from end of June at the Ampera e retailers for tasting trips available.

60 kilowatt hours and 204 HP

The lithium ion batteries housed in the bottom of the 204 PS strong Ampera e store 60 kilowatt hours of energy. That's enough according to the NEDC driving cycle for 520 km. After the more realistic WLTP driving cycle (worldwide harmonized light-duty vehicles test procedure) the range should be about 380 kilometers. The 4.16 meters-long car has room for up to five passengers and offers 381 to 1,274 litre trunk.

Around 2,000 euros more expensive than the competition

Compared to its main competitors is the Ampera e approximately 2,000 euros more expensive, but also considerably more coverage. The BMW i3 with 170 HP is only 36,800 euros in the 94 amp-hours version. Even with the larger battery he creates but only 300 kilometres to NEDC. 100 kilometres further, the Renault's Zoe. The appropriate version with 41-kWh battery is 37.700 euros (Zoe Intens with "Z.E. 40-package") quite expensive and with 92 Horsepower significantly weaker than the competitors and also lame: while the BMW and Opel for the tempo 100 Sprint need both 7.3 seconds, the Renault for this is 13.2 seconds. (sl)