OPC: Little brother comes

Rüsselsheim, March 18, 2015

Small cars can be nasty biters properly, Opel has already proven with Adam: The 3.70-meter runabout comes as " Adam S" with crisp 150 hp from 1.4 liters. His sprint time of 8.5 seconds and 210 km / h top let so many middle-class drivers are open in amazement mouth. Opel now offers the turbo engine in this output stage also for the Corsa. There he becomes a cheaper alternative of 207 hp OPC, which is available for purchase for 24,395 euros from the end of March.

Why not GSi?

Fans are wondering now, of course, why the second strongest Corsa not " GSi " means ?? this addition were formerly the Opel rival the Volkswagen GTI models. An Opel spokesman told us to demand that this name is not provided at the time, just as an additional "S", the Adam wears yes with the same engine. But maybe that should not be, well camouflaged 150 hp are as surprising effect in the small car not too shabby either.

8.9 seconds to 100

The 1.4 - liter turbo engine powers the 3000-4000 tours with a maximum torque of 220 Newton meters. A six-speed transmission shifts the power to the front axle. Thus equipped, accelerates the four-meter - Opel in just 8.9 seconds to 100 and creates 207 km / h top. The consumption is estimated at an average of 5.9 liters, the CO2 emissions per kilometer by 136 grams. The technical highlights of the machine include a dual camshaft adjustment and variable valve timing. The turbocharger is space-saving integrated into the exhaust manifold.

Three and five-door hatchback

Compared with the strongest of the new Corsa athlete has a practical advantage: While there is the OPC with three doors, the new turbo blower shall be to have as a three-door for € 17,380 and € 18,130 for the five-door hatchback.

Turbo Plus package and OPC - optics

Who wants a wolf in sheep's clothing, which should be " innovation "-line order, then you can not see the Short to the force. In addition, there is the " Color Edition" with special color accents inside and outside. At that features can be brought by " Turbo Plus Package " a really hot look book. The package costs 800 euros for the three-door model 950 euros and for the five-door hatchback. In return, there is the front spoiler and the rear skirt lip OPC Line and body-colored side skirts ?? and for the three-door even a roof spoiler. Carbon applications inside and outside also part of the package as an OPC Sports leather steering wheel, leather coats for handbrake grip and gear knob. Against 1,300 euros extra charge even Recaro sports seats are mounted.

Launch in late May

The 150-horsepower engine can be ordered from the end of March 2015 for the Corsa, from the end of May, the first cars will be delivered . (HD)