Now with two-stage turbocharging

Rüsselsheim, Germany, May 11, 2016

The new generation was lighter, more compact, spacious interior and equipped with technical tools such as matrix-LED light or an online service. There is talk of whom here? The new Opel Astra. Now, Rüsselsheim supplying and planting a stronger heart of diesel under the hood of the compact car.

160 PS durch doppelte Turboaufladung

The five-door model and the station wagon version called sports tourer are powered with 160 HP and 350 nm four-cylinder diesel now by a 1.6-litre. 8.6 seconds (8.9 seconds for the ST), it goes to 100. The Astra selected by a jury for the "car of the year 2016" consumes four liters of fuel in an average (the combination required 4.2 liters). The top speed? The unit is always connected to each 220 km/h. with a manual six-speed transmission.

Price for the top-diesel and a view of the OPC

The 1.6 BiTurbo CDTI five-door is available for 27.310 euro. The sports tourer will with at least 28.310 euros. Thus, the two top diesel mark the upper end of the Opel Astra price scale for the time being. How long? As long as the Astra OPC takes the stage. There is no details to the sportiest offshoot of the Rüsselsheim compact class so far yet. The premiere of the over 300 HP strong vehicle should probably held in the framework of the Paris Auto Salon in September 2016. Until then, the most powerful gasoline engine in the stable remains a 200HP powerful 1.6 liter four-cylinder. (ml)