Nissan-Study IMx Kuro

Geneva, 7. March 2018

With the IMx Kuro Nissan throws at the Geneva automobile salon 2018 (8. to 18. March) a particularly extravagant look to the future. The study, the IMx already at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017, celebrates in Geneva, a European premiere. For that you got a modified look, especially a feature that is hidden behind the buzzword "Brain-to-Vehicle" (B2V).

Drive with data helmet?

The B2V technology, it has two Tricks. First, the System detects the Brain waves of the driver, that's up to something – for example, turn the steering Wheel or step on the Gas. So these actions can be initiated in a few fractions of a second faster. Secondly, the System adjusts the drive settings or drive mode, if the driver feels uncomfortable. All the works must be borne by the driver, of course, a measuring device for brain currents of the head. Whether ladies with elaborate hairstyles or Hipster, pay attention to your Appearance, wear a helmet-probably like?

600 kilometers with an electric all-wheel drive

The Nissan study departs on request autonomously. In the corresponding mode, the steering Wheel is recessed in the instrument panel and the seats go back. As with large-scale remote studies, the concept vehicle also has an electric drive. The two electric motors at the front and rear axle developing 320 kW (435 HP) and a torque of 700 Newton metres. The juice will keep for more than 600 kilometers.

The outside of SUV, interior Japanese

As for the Exterior, so the designers wanted to give the car due to slight Changes more SUV character. The nickname Kuro (Japanese for "black") has earned the study by deep black rims and a dark gray instead of white paint. In addition, there is a compared to the Tokyo Version simplified the Grill. The interior is designed to highlight the Design of traditional Japanese houses. The instruments are controlled gestures through to eye movements and hand, so that hardly any buttons are necessary. For a Japanese Flair, a wood-grain-style Shoji sliding doors, as well as head restraints, which are patterned like a wooden puzzle from the Land of the rising sun.(sl)