Nissan Leaf Nismo: Sport-Stromer

Yokohama (Japan), 4. October 2017

What would you, dear car connoisseur, the abbreviation "Nismo"? Probably with a 370Z or a GT-R, because it is, after all, the in - house motorsports and Tuning division of Nissan, comparable to AMG for Mercedes. But the sport division can also be different: At the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017 (27. October to 5. November), shows as a study, a Leaf Nismo.

Red Alert

Properly, Those new Nissan Leaf, driving in the normal version 378 miles electric, and the beginning of 2018, according to Germany, read:. The Leaf Nismo Concept, it is particularly noticeable externally: side sills, red detailing, and a slight lowering to shape the optics. Also in the interior there is red accents.

It may be a little more?

Holds any performance data of the Leaf Nismo Concept, Nissan is still covered. To be mentioned only a sports-tuned suspension and a high-speed tyres. In addition, the electronics should be trimmed more on acceleration. So the Leaf Nismo should go in the series, he might pursue a similar principle as the new BMW i3s: Sporty regalia plus a little more power, better acceleration and higher top speed.(rh)