Nice open

Stuttgart, 29 February 2016

At the Geneva Motor Show (March 3 to 13) 2016, Mercedes for the first time shows the new c-class convertible. After years of open CLKs and c-class-based E class convertibles, the confusion is so over: where c-class convertible course, says future c-class convertible. On top of that, the whole thing is pretty chic: If you like the quite successful design of the latest c-class Coupe, you should have no problems, at least, to befriend with the open version. The look and the dimensions of the fabric roof version are almost identical.

Two fabric hats

Yes, properly belongs: versus competitors BMW 4 convertible the open C-Benz sets to the worst on a conventional soft top in two forms. In addition to a black standard roof, there is a multi-layered acoustic hood in the colors of Brown, blue, red or black on request. So if you have an aversion to wind noise or like to whisper in conversations in the car, you know where you need to make your mark in the option list. Both fabric caps open and close also all-electric in 20 seconds and that up to speeds of 50 km/h.

Decent trunk

Even with the additional convertible-specific data, the open c-class can be no slouch: the CW is sleek 0.28, the volume of the trunk very decent 360 litres (285 litres are open) and the split rear seat folds completely to itself. Against a Jell-o-like structure rigidity of the convertible one has armed itself already according to Mercedes in the construction of the c-class sedan. Stiffness in the area of the stem and the bottom are the only changes that were made for an "exemplary rigid interpretation" open-class.

Always open

If you're a hard dog, then you will go probably the whole year open convertible your c-class. If you are a not-so-tough dog, you can still do that thanks to "AIRSCARF" and "AIRCAP". The famous neck hair dryer AIRSCARF need no further explanation. AirCap, however, is an electric wind SCHOTT system that is integrated into the roof frame and is coupled with an also electrical wind deflector behind the rear seats. Sounds pretty extensively, to largely spare before evil draught but all passengers on push of a button. Calming for all nostalgic: A manual wind deflector still remains in the program.

To start with eight engines

The convertible takes over the engines largely from the c-class Coupé. This means: six gasoline with 156 to 367 HP and two diesel with 170 and 204 HP are available. All engines are available with the current nine-speed automatic. The 184 HP petrol engine, as well as the 170-Horsepower diesel come with all-wheel drive. Series is the 4Matic-System in the provisional top model Mercedes C 43 AMG CABRIOLET. Even the all-wheel drive of the AMG model is trimmed more Sportiness and the nine-speed automatic, the chassis and the Interior. For all other variants: standard, the convertible is 15 mm lower than the sedan, for an additional fee there is a firmer Sport suspension or an electronically controlled air suspension.

Summer 2016

You will find everything that you know in terms of safety, assistance systems, and part of autonomous driving already from the c-class sedan, wagon, and Coupé, also in the new convertible. In addition, there is a roll-over protection system, which pyrotechnically shoots out in case of emergency behind the rear seats, as well as a climate system developed specifically for the open c-class that adjusts its vote, as soon as you open the roof. Market launch of the new Mercedes c-class convertible is in the summer of 2016. The prices are not set yet, by a moderate, four-digit top without premium compared with the least 35.581 euro expensive c-class may Coupé but be assumed. For comparison: the 184 HP strong BMW 420i convertible starts at 43.900 EUR. (black & white)