New thought VW Beetle dune a Volkswagen for the fun

A Volkswagen for the fun

Volkswagen does not necessarily among the manufacturers, with particularly emotional models in conjunction. Products from Wolfsburg are especially reasonable, solidly built and modern technology. Were these rather sober reasons and they are appreciated worldwide.

Fun and pleasure in the car came only in the game when Californian hobbyists undisturbed discovered the beetle as an object to play out their sometimes bizarre ideas of Killjoys from technical monitoring associations. They called the result "dune buggy" and chased it about the Southern California beaches and through the Mexican desert. Some of this adventurous companion have reached now Museum-like qualities and decorate including the Volkswagen Museum in Wolfsburg, Germany.

But the story of fun cars on the basis of the indestructible beetle is now written further, and again a beetle is the starting point. The new hunters of dune is called beetle dune and to bring in a bold Word creation so the Volkswagen Press Office, the "Funventure" in the series. So not enough: "The entire series should be henceforth only homage to the fun to drive", sets up programmatically the press team. This new driving pleasure there is in two versions: as a two-door Coupé with an optionally available large glass sunroof and convertible - incidentally the last open model for Volkswagen after the golf Cabriolet is no longer manufactured.

It is surprising how few retouching enough to a widely known model (previously 1.6 million copies of the Mexican bands are rolled from the new beetle) to give a new face in the automotive mass. A subtle use of parts mostly black plastic sticker in the right places and even the classic beetle to the dune is mutated. And then, it rolls on a so-called bad ways drivers work, that differs from the previous versions, inter alia through a ground raised to ten millimeters. No Geländegänger, is from the front of course and despite the name, you should rather avoid dunes, but this somehow (positive) effect the latest beg variant halbstarker.

The Interior continues the accents of the exterior design. It comes to colorful depending on the version, but the mix of materials not necessarily fulfilled the expectations. In addition to fine lots in piano black finish or Matt lacquered surfaces dominated clean processed hard plastic. Behind the relatively steep standing front window looks the driver to properly distributed instruments that give off a whiff of nostalgia. Inform charges three lights mounted on the instrument panel about pressure and time (including stop-watch) and the loading pressure. The colour design ensures a good mood, especially if the customer the new (and color reserved for the time being alone for the dune) "Sandstorm Yellow Metallic" has chosen. Who can come up with only those names? To fit the optional leather seats with matching seams.

The beetle dune comes with two diesels and three petrol drives on the market that between 77 kW / 105 HP and 162 kW / 220 HP afford. In particular the 2.0 litre TSI, driving fun moving the dune after all weighing 1.5 tonnes over the asphalt gives announced driving pleasure. Always enough power for the small Sprint in between and the drive also to take a casual stroll before the Cafés on the beach promenade of the world coupled with the seven-speed DSG gearbox is suitable. The consumption is less than seven liters per 100 kilometers, which however remain wishful thinking thanks to the spirited drive according to Wolfsburg. Low double-digit results are realistic. Thanks to the pleasant tuned chassis, the two-door belongs to the comfortable representatives of its class. The Wolfsburg experience and precise work is evident with convertibles a very enjoyable discreet noise - despite the chosen fabric hood, which strongly reminiscent of the former constructions of the ur beetle opened at Karmann and lifting Müller. Unfortunately, the excessively large turning circle, "please contact" certainly can transform command (optional) navigation in a's picture puzzle has remained.

The price list starts at 24 000 euro for the Coupé with the 77 kW / 105 PS strong gasoline. The corresponding convertible 28 225 euros. The 2.0 liter drive brings the cost of 31 700 euros (Coupé) and 35 900 euro. The base equipment, including seats with lumbar supports, mountain driving Assistant, air conditioning, Park pilot, heated front seats and rain sensor. In addition Coupé and convertible can be with a variety of useful and less useful things revalue. And who is to objectively the convertible with a Black roof, should wait that soon comes a version with a roof in jeans look on the market (the older ones are still remember the jeans beetle). (ampnet/ww)

Length x width x height (m): 4,29 x 2.02 x 1,50Motor: R4 petrol engine, 1984 CC, Turbo, direct injection power: 162 kW / 220 HP at 4500–6200 U/minMax. Torque: 350 nm at 1500–4400 U/minHöchstgeschwindigkeit: 228 km/h (convertible 226 km/h) acceleration 0 to 100 km/h: 6.9 sec ECE average consumption: 6.6 (manual transmission); 6.8 litres (DSG) efficiency class: DCO2 emissions: 153 g / km; 157 g / kmLeergewicht / load: min. 1464 kg / max 376 kg (Coupé); min. 1489 kg / max 281 kg (convertible) trunk volume: 252–1046 LiterBasispreis: 29 800 euros (Coupé); 35 900 euros (convertible)