New names for fuel

Motorists at the pump with new names for their fuel. Friday next week are petrol stations required new labels, with Euro95 now E10 is going to be called and Euro98 the name E5.

In order to avoid confusion among motorists to avoid the start, the government's information campaign, so lets trade association Bovag know. The white and black labels are for the whole of the European Union the same and must be an end to confusion when filling up across the border.

Regular gas we know to date, if E95, to the octane rating (not, as often is said-octane; there's not a drop of octane in). October 12 is called E10, also known as the 10 percent bio-ethanol with which the cut should be. That is in our country now is still about 7 percent, but should be in 2020, 10 percent. Euro98 is going through life as E5, provided that there is less biofuel. Diesel is renamed the B7. Also here is the number for the share of biofuel.

The different types of fuel are within the labeling system to recognize by their shape. So are all of the labels for petrol around, with E and a digit that the ethanolgehalte indicate. The symbols for diesel are square, and gaseous fuels such as lpg and hydrogen get a rhombus.

Incidentally, it is not necessary to use the codes in your head to learn or a cheat sheet on your dashboard to paste. The old names remain for the time being standing to the pump. The new codes may be especially helpful in refueling abroad, where often other names are used.