New Dodge for the US police

Auburn Hills (USA), 2. July 2018

Film fans know it, at the latest since the "Blues Brothers": If a car is tough, then, to use the US-police car. Now, Dodge has presented two strong blue-light models. The curtain on the Pursuit versions of the Charger and Durango!

US Cops love the Charger

Especially the Dodge Charger Pursuit is of the utmost importance for the brand. Finally, it is the best-selling sedan in the US police service. Neat state of clay for the FCA group to which it belongs in the Dodge. Among other things, the Charger Pursuit comes from the factory with the "Officer Protection Package". Including a kind of motion sensor for the rear part of the vehicle here. By the camera and the Sensors of this room is monitored, in case the images are transferred automatically to the up to 12.1-inch Monitor in the Cockpit. If desired, you can then start the preset alarm action: lock all Windows and doors Flashed to all lamps plus sirens.

The Durango pulls away what

Since it is not known to be a few US citizens own one or more firearms, Dodge, optionally, a is the armor of the doors. The reinforced bumpers, a revised suspension, larger brakes and 18-inch tyres on steel rims to fit. In addition to the base engine, a 3.6-Liter V6 with 292 HP of power, there is also a 370-HP V8 with 5.7 liters of displacement. On the same engines, the Dodge Durango Pursuit. Remarkable is the changed front are bumper with more air vents for the brake, and a lush towing capacity of 3.3 tonnes.(rh)