Much cheaper in the entry on petrol and diesel page

Cologne, June 9, 2017

So far was hardly high-tech in the strict sense to expect from importer brands. LED spotlight, part of autonomous driving, instruments in the form of displays: All that there was so far only with German premium brands. But that's changing now. The Hyundai i30 is part of autonomous, there is the Nissan Micra with traffic sign recognition and the lifted Peugeot 308 offers as much technology as an Audi A3 very amazing. Now, Peugeot has released the price list to the 308 of the details can be found.

Otto entry now 2,400 euros cheaper

Already the entry is striking: the basic version is equal to 2,400 euros cheaper than ever before. It is not the motor, it's still to the 110-Horsepower Turbo petrol engine with three cylinders. But Peugeot introduces the basic equipment access again. Thus, 18,700 euros now costs the 308 PureTech 110. The equipment should be sufficient for many customers already: climate and audio system, power-adjustable outside mirrors, electric Windows are front and a central locking system, and even a cruise control already on board. For 2,200 euros charge there is the version active Park beep rear, electric window lifts, rear, alloy wheels, touch screen and automatic climate control. The version allure brings more extras. If you want more power, can order as usual the PureTech 130, the THP 205 GT or the 272 HP of strong GTi at unchanged prices.

New 99-PS base diesel

When the diesel engines, there is a new entry-level unit with 99 HP which is offered with the same basic equipment access. So the base price on the diesel side decreases even more than at the Otto namely to nearly 3,500 euros. 100 access there is the BlueHDi 20.750 euros. The stronger versions with 120 and 150 HP will remain in the program, the 180-Horsepower diesel, however, is not included in the first price list. He is pushed up the end of 2017 (with a new eight-speed automatic transmission) together with a new 130 HP diesel.

Many technical gifts

The new technology features offered tied up packages, but especially for the more expensive versions are available. So, the "full LED"package with LED lights and wiper turn signals only the allure is available (950 euros). The safety package that is available for the active and tolerable 600 euros is probably the most attractive. It includes high-beam Assistant, instrument display, lane with steering intervention and traffic sign recognition. The safety-package-plus (1,080 euros for the active) contains also the anti-collision system active safety brake with pedestrian detection and fog lights. Who wants to drive part autonomous, needs the active track holding Wizard (available in the safety package) and an Abstandstempomaten. There latter in the "drive assist package" for tolerable 650 euro. The catch is, too bad that you can order the package solely for the 150-Horsepower diesel with automatic equipment of allure. (sl)