More muscle in the Czech Golf

Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic), 3 February 2017

Not always liked divided among brothers. It is different in the Volkswagen Group: both the VW Golf as the Skoda Octavia, also use the same platform. And so both get a facelift as well as changes to the engines almost simultaneously. Latest result is the Skoda Octavia RS 245, which debuts at the Geneva Motor Show (9 to 19 March 2017).

May it be a little more?

The model name trumpet the gimmick already out: like the strongest facelift Golf GTI special Octavia brings more than the "normal" RS RS from a two liter turbo petrol engine 245 HP and thus 15 HP. Between 1,600 and 4,300 rpm, 370 Newton metres are available. The sedan a value of 6.6 seconds to 100, the combination creates 6.7 seconds. Also 6.6 seconds at the limousine pass from 80 to 120 km/h. In addition to the manual six-speed circuit, also a DSG seven-speed is available.

Look like the normal RS

The sport suspension places the 245er-RS to 14 millimeters deep, standard shiny black 19-inch alloy wheels are mounted. Including also an ESP with sport mode and one are electronically controlled cross axle lock. The latter is a special feature of the Octavia RS 245. outwardly nothing on the RS style is changed: it remains in the large air intakes in the front bumper and black accents on the body. LED headlights are standard, and Alcantara sport seats with integrated head restraints. Price Skoda keeps still covered, the Octavia RS with 230 HP starts at 30.890 euro for the sedan. (rh)