More expensive than a Hyundai i40 wagon

Frankfurt am Main, 10 August 2015

End of September 2016 KIA brings his first middle-class station wagon on the market with the Optima sports wagon. Now, the features for the combined Korean and rates are fixed.

Trunk volume on i40 level

The Optima Sportwagon is as long as the sedan with 4.86 metres. Trunk volume combined with maximum flow range 1,686 litres with folded down rear seat can stand out clearly by his brother. Up to the lower edge of the window 552 litres in the KIA fit upright second row of seats a litre less than at the Hyundai i40 wagon.

As 25.990 euro

KIA uses five different versions, that build on each other in the equipment. Let's start with the "Edition 7", which includes 25.990 euro already maps navigation, rear-view camera, air conditioning, audio system, speed regulation system and electrically folding Lapp bare exterior mirrors. Therefore the cheapest Optima sports wagon is exactly 1,000 euros more expensive than the cheapest Optima sedan, station wagon, and 650 euros more expensive than the rival Hyundai i40.

GT version with 245 HP

More trim levels are "Vision", "Spirit", "GT Line" and "GT". The two top versions be except with very comfortable extras with sportier bumpers front and rear, a two-flow exhaust system and upgraded with leather sports seats. The GT version that exists only for the two-liter turbo engine with 245 HP is also equipped with a sport suspension and a larger brakes with red calipers. (mf)