Mini Strongman

Munich, December 11, 2014

At the Detroit Auto Show ( 12 to 25 January 2015) shows the new mini boss in the class of sporty small car. And the new Mini John Cooper Works 2015 strongly reinforces his status as a top model of the third-generation Mini primarily with performance. In the previous still toiled a 1.6 - liter turbo engine with 211 hp and 260 Newton meters, well known from the current Mini Cooper S 2.0 - liter turbo may angasen. Thanks to a new turbocharger, revised pistons and a special exhaust system, the power increases to 231 hp at 5,200 tours and 320 Newton meters 1250-4800 tours. The 39 horsepower and 20 Newton meters more than the Cooper S. same time, the new JCW it the most powerful Mini ever. Consumption is mini with 6.7 liters. Orders to the optional six-speed automatic transmission, the standard consumption drops to 5.7 liters. That is 20 percent less than before.

Improved performance

Amenities Adjusted (so it says Mini) to the new JCW not be heavier than the old one with a curb weight of 1,205 pounds. Improve the performance accordingly: For the zero - to-100 - km / h sprint now still take 6.3 instead of 6.5 seconds (6.1 seconds with automatic transmission), the speed increases from 238 to 246 km / h. By comparison, the all-wheel drive Audi S1, also with 231 hp accelerates in 5.8 seconds to 100 km / h runs 250 km / h top.

Sports suspension and Brembo brakes

To account for the higher power, mini sets the John Cooper Works on was a standard sports suspension with custom axle kinematics. In addition, the Works brakes with Brembo a new system, whose calipers ( front are there fixed calipers ) are painted red. As standard the car rolls on special 17-inch wheels with 205 / 45er tires. Surcharge and 18-inch model are available. As previously familiar John Cooper Works to an electronic front axle locking differential. To self-steering tendencies are prevented by the so-called " Torque Steer Compensation" of the electromechanical power steering. Who is on adaptive dampers should be pleased with the optional Dynamic Damper Control, which provides two driving modes (rather sporty or comfortable).

Finally some real seats

Externally the John Cooper Works dispatches through the usual sills, spoiler and air intake orgy of his tamer mini - siblings. There is also a special barbeque and standard LED headlights with LED daytime running lights chic ring. Very important for the mini - disciples, DC eleven colors are available, including the new Rebel Green. Only when the JCW contrasting paint finish for the roof and Co. in red is available. Interior is immediately apparent that the new John Cooper Works first time moves forward with "real" sports seats complete with an integrated headrest. There is a separate steering wheel, aluminum pedals and a very delicate and rennigen lever. Also in the top model of the three mini driving modes ( Mid, Sport, Green ) conclude also used, which have an impact on gas, steering, sound, adaptive dampers and automatic. Optionally, you can also draw on classic gauges or a tuned for the JCW head-up display with speed control dial and a gearshift point indicator particularly sporty Works fans.

As expensive as an Audi S1

The new Mini John Cooper Works is available from 25 April 2015 to the German mini - dealers and will cost at least 29,900 euros. He is almost 1,200 euros more expensive than its predecessor, but still 50 euros cheaper than an Audi S1. The comparison with other "hot hatches " is due to the performance and positioning more difficult. The revamped VW Polo GTI with 192 hp costs from 22,275 euros, the total wacky race track dwarf Abarth Biposto starts at 39,900 euros and the little brother Mini Cooper S is to have from 23,800 euros . (sw)