Mini Sonnenman

Munich, 23 October 2015

For Mini, the convertible is far more than an annoying marketing point for image enhancement. Such a beautiful, colorful, open cubes should be at the trendiest of all trendy brands of course not missing, after all, has sold more than 300,000 Minis open since the brand relaunch of 2001. You have to also create first. You see, the third generation of the MINI Convertible is not entirely unimportant. And when on March 5, 2016 ?? after all, more than two years after the start of the three-door ?? rolled to the dealers, the expectations of the sun-seeking clientele are likely to be quite high in spite of the continuing lack of serious competition.

Bigger in every way

Unsurprisingly sees the 2016er Mini Cabrio like its predecessors. Supplemented by the face, buttocks and proportions of the current mini - generation, naturally. Say: Everything looks a bit bloated. And that is also reflected in the figures down: the new MINI Convertible is almost ten centimeters longer 4.4 centimeters wider and 0.7 centimeters higher than previously. In addition, it is also for wheelbase (up 28 millimeters ) and track widths (front to 42, back to 34 millimeters ) discernible upward. For passengers, this means tuned Who sits in the back, is now probably no longer quite so poor and can also enter a little more elegant.

Trunk grows

In addition, the trunk to 25 percent blatant grows. Expect but please no miracles. This is still a very small convertible. Just now with 215 or 160 liters (with the roof down ) load volume. After all, you can tilt the rear seat and further push the soft top compartment now upwards. If you want to carry things that you in mini convertibles should not normally be transported.

More roof

Pretty crazy and as always is a little too playful pretty much everything that Mini has done with the new top of the third generation convertible. The piece of cloth is of course better insulated than ever, opens and closes fully automatically now in 18 seconds and the up to a speed of 30 km / h. For those who do not really know whether they want to drive open or not, there is also a sliding function, which lets the front roof part by up to 40 centimeters back fast. And for all, which a normal, single-color, for years and years proven textile is too boring on its apex, the British also have a Union Jack for the first time a weave into the fabric M├╝tzchen. Also quite obliquely: The already known " Always Open Timer ", which measures the open driven minutes, and a new app feature that prompts you when rain warn you to close the roof.

To start with three engines

In terms of chassis, interior appearance, infotainment, assistance systems and engines, the new Mini Cabrio benefits of course from the achievements of the current three-and five-door. Besides the fact that the removal of the roof brought some reinforcement measures to make the convertible on average about 120 kilos heavier. Slight losses in performance and fuel consumption of the three available to launch drives are likely to be to get over, however, under bright sunshine. Mini offers its fresh air version initially with two petrol and a diesel. The Cooper gets the 136-horsepower three-cylinder Cooper S the two-liter four-cylinder with 192 hp and the Cooper D is the 116-hp three-cylinder diesel. In addition to a six-speed manual is also available in each case a six-speed automatic is available. In the case of the Cooper S, it is the so-called " Sport Automatic" with Lenkradpaddles . ( sw )