LVCHI Venere: electric shock

Geneva (Switzerland), 12. March 2018

A typical picture at the Geneva auto salon: the Small companies that present prototypes with wrong performance data. Also 2018er edition (8. to 18. March) is no different. A Highlight of the LVCHI is Venere.

Italian Design

LV-what? LVCHI car was founded in 2016, in Shanghai, in July of 2017, was launched, together with I. D. E. A., a design company, we owe some of the Fiat models of the 1980s and 1990s, the project "Venus" (Italian for "the beauty"). Came out of a five-Meter-long electric sedan made of carbon fiber composite material, with more than 1,000 HP of power. Four electric motors to generate 1.540 Newton metres of torque, a 100-kWh battery for up to 652 miles. Other data: 2.5 seconds on Tempo 100, 286 km/h maximum speed.

Clearly defined plans

Sounds pretty fantastic, isn't it? And at the same time one is reminded of crashed electric-altitude flights, such as Faraday Future. But LVCHI submit a concrete schedule on the table; The Venere should be built from 2019, in series and in Turin. Similarly, the high-performance stand holes, sedan Urano in the start. After 2019, you will want to bring an electric Citycar, by 2021, the market launches of new platforms for SUVs and Vans.(rh)