Lexus LF - C2: open outlook

Los Angeles ( USA), November 26, 2014

Toyota's Lexus brand Nobel shows at the LA Auto Show ( 21 to 30 November 2014), the convertible concept LF - C2. The 2 + 2-seater is the open offshoot of the coupe RC coming to Germany. Especially on the Boliden variant RC F appearing in late January 2015 we are already really hot. Finally she comes with 477 hp from a five-liter V8 from Audi RS 5 and BMW M4. The weaker RC versions are powered by a 318-hp 3.5 - liter petrol engine or a hybrid with about 220 hp system performance and should only come to the end of 2015. The prices were not told.

Large air openings

Whether, when and with what engines the newly introduced Convertible is built, no one wants to say at Lexus. The concept car carries the look of the RC, but was visually after-peppered. Modesty is the concept car a stranger: The giant pellet grill is made ​​as to (maybe the V8? ) To flood a power plant behind it with Stormwind. Anyway, playing the air flows to the engine and brakes to the LF-C2 an important role: The corresponding inlets and outlets in the skirts and sills are clearly marked and large. Much wind would however also currently the passengers of the LF-C2 exposed, because a top one looks at design draft in vain. The manufacturer shall keep something covered when the car at the show in this point and are not yet cost the roof solution. We assume that there is a metal folding design, similar to the current IS-Cabriolet.

Touchpad and Displays

Driver and passenger are seated in marked stalls sports. In the rear there are two occasional seats, center console runs through the entire interior. Especially with gadgetry, the engineers have not saved: important functions via touch pads are served on the steering wheel and center console, large displays show essential information. But a classic analog clock between the central air vents reminiscent of earlier times in the automotive industry . (HD)