Lexus Brings a small car?

Geneva ( Switzerland ), March 4, 2015

Lexus, the luxury brand of the Toyota Group, presented at the Geneva Motor Show ( March 5 to 15 2015), the concept car LF-SA. At first glance, the study acts as a MonoBlocks car under the microscope: It has a short body, disproportionately huge wheels and grille Maw, who could eat trees. The small concept car to show future design features of Lexus models and may be a view of a small car. Thus, the manufacturer would sail uncharted territory, for a short pending in the portfolio. The very first Lexus, which was sold 26 years ago now, was the luxury sedan LS 400. Later models were added in the compact and mid-range, even with the SUVs and sports cars Lexus now has one or more irons in the fire.

Bonds from the current Lexus look

With 3.45 meters of the Lexus LF-SA is about the same length as the Aygo of the parent company Toyota and its cooperation siblings Citro├źn C1 and Peugeot 108. The aforementioned mega grille is adjusted to the current Diabolo look of the Lexus fronts, the rest of the car is confident formed with corners and edges. The powerful gear train ( without a vehicle study apparently can not do ) just have to imagine small, it is not as bulky.

Adjustable steering wheel and pedals

Interior designed the concept car as a 2 + 2-seater. As urban vehicles, according to Lexus are already mostly occupied by only one person, while the passenger was created more space thanks to a curved instrument panel, the cockpit but otherwise focused on the driver. Its seat is fixed by the way, pedals and the steering wheel can be set but. For the front passenger seat is adjustable to allow the ascent to the rear pews.

Crystal display and wide-angle head-up display

When fair car, the passenger compartment is divided into two areas that are clearly distinct from the materials used here. In terms of technology, the LF - SA new to offer: The infotainment system has a crystal display in the instrument cluster and a wide-angle head-up display. What are the characteristics of the study incorporated in future models and whether currently the smallest Lexus is built in series, is not yet known . (HD)