LEVC TX: The London Taxi is electrically

London (United Kingdom), 26. July 2017

This message makes it in the newspaper forest noise: Up to the year 2040 the UK wants to stop the sale of cars that have a combustion engine under the hood. Anyone who has ever run through London, will welcome that. Also, in front of institutions such as the typical London Taxi "Black Cab", not the future. An important step of the LEVC TX with Plug-in Hybrid.

Cult Brit in China-Hand

LE-what? The number after the: Date of the manufacturer of the black cult cabs, as a "London Taxi Company". The company is part of for quite some time to the Chinese Geely group, also in the case of Volvo, the Say. Now a radical pivot follows in the direction of electrification, as reflected in a new name: London EV Company, short-LEVC. That's not enough. Over 325 million pounds (equivalent to around 363 million Euro) were invested in the development of a new Taxi model, and a new factory near Coventry.

Between Retro look and Modern

Chris Gubbey, the chief of the LEVC, the money well-spent: "in the next few years, electric cars for commercial Transport in many cities of the world will be mandatory. Here we see great opportunities for LEVC." And so also, an electric is created next to the new London-Taxi van. But, back to the future Taxi: The optic quotes clearly the classic "Black Cabs" with their curves, the high roof and the big Grill. However, the little squiggly lines closed light daytime driving lights added,.

Maximum practically

For weight reduction of large parts of the LEVC TX from aluminum. Have remained in the 90-degree-angle rear-hinged rear doors. Is also integrated a retractable ramp, with the help of a wheelchair access in the rear. You can now place in the direction of travel. Other AIDS for passengers with reduced loop a induction for hearing aid users, as well as grab handles and seat edges in a contrasting color for people with vision problems.

Plug-in Hybrid, Volvo-based?

Also the comfort is not too short: Up to six people can ride in the LEVC TX, there you can find charging options for your Smartphone and Wi-Fi. Emphasizes the smoothness of the new Taxis, who ever sat in a "Black Cab" is from an older generation with rumpeligem naturally aspirated diesel engine, will appreciate it. Possible the mixture of the electric motor to power it with a small gasoline engine to extend the range. 70 miles, the equivalent of 112 miles, it is only with electricity. The burner switches on automatically, up to 644 kilometres. According to the LEVC, the technical Expertise of Volvo is related to. It is conceivable, therefore, that the drive train is derived from the Volvo XC90 T8, but for the benefit of the electric range and the primary use in the city was redesigned. This is also the Name of "eCity-platform speaks".

Order from Holland

Thus, it should not go to maximum speed, but range and good acceleration in the city bustle. The battery must be leased separately. Hardness tests are run with the TX, the led in the car both in extreme cold and extreme heat. Finally, LEVC, as already mentioned, international markets. The order books open on 1. August 2017, the price LEVC calls. Even now, there is but a large order from an unusual direction: RMC, one of the largest taxi operators in the Netherlands, has ordered 225 of the vehicles will be delivered in 2018. And London? The there for the public Transport competent authority sees to the end of 2020, a demand of 9,000 Taxis, the "Zero-Emission-capable".(rh)