Land Rover deletes d275 road-diesel Range Rover Velar

The leveringsgamma of the Range Rover Velar is the last months quite subject to change, and now change something.

Land Rover out the artist earlier this year, among other things, the P380 out of the range of the Range Rover Velar, while the car may be available with a new diesel version: the d275 road. The d275 road, a 275 hp and 625 Nm strong 3.0 V6 diesel engine is in the Velar only have a short life. Just a few months after its introduction, the engine was again of the price list is gone.

Fortunately at the leveringslijst of the Range Rover Velar is still an array of power sources available. On benzinevlak are the P250 and P300 ready, viercilinders with respectively 250 and 300 hp. The P380 is still not available. Dieselen can with the D180, D240 and D300. The D180 is a 180 hp strong four-cylinder diesel with a single turbo while the 240 hp D240 over the same four-cylinder engine, is equipped with two turbo's. The still most powerful zelfontbrander is the D300, a 300 hp strong 3.0-litre biturbo V6.

The starting price of the Land Rover Range Rover Velar is € 76.270. For that money you can drive the instapdiesel in basistrim.