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Frankfurt am Main, 22 February 2017

Without a station wagon, you need to not only look at the European market in the compact class. White also Hyundai and pushes up on the Geneva Motor Show 2017 (March 9-19) a corresponding variant of the new i30.

A quarter meter in the extension

Look at the facts: compared to the five-door hatchback, the Hyundai i30 is combined around 25 centimeters longer, in the amount it measures with 4.58 metres with roof rails 1.47 meters. The width (1.79 meters) and wheelbase (2.65 meters) are unchanged. In the rear luggage fit between 602 and 1,650 liters. Comparison: VW Golf variant this value is 605 to 1.620 litres. Combined with five engines there will be the i30. When the petrol engines are 100 sucking HP and 120 and 140 HP strong turbines. Diesel lovers can choose between 110 and 136 HP, also with seven-speed dual clutch transmission, there are the big diesel.

Market launch in the summer of 2017

The standard equipment is quite remarkable: as there is a (still unknown) price included up to 180 km/h of operating adaptive cruise control. The double-clutch is a storage function on board. Emergency brake function and an active lane Assistant for the main beam and the attention of the driver are also included one to 75 km/h active. More safety technology is at an additional cost in the program. Hyundai Announces combined a "nimble driving experience" for the i30. Whether this assertion hold permits, customers are can expected to try out summer 2017. (rh)