Kia rocking the SEMA show

Las Vegas ( USA ), November 4, 2015

The SEMA show ( 3 to 6 November 2015) is considered the craziest tuning fair in the world. And so it is not surprising really that there is a four-door Kia convertible version of the just refreshed Optima. His name " A1A " scored the concept car of the same road, which runs about 530 kilometers long through the Sunshine State Florida. For this route zwischem white sand and blue ocean came an open car just right, says Kia.

Showcar to be roadworthy

For the conversion to open the mobile 4,85 meter long limousine is cut not only the roof but also shortens the windshield. The body gets tubular steel reinforcements, so that it remains torsionally stiff ?? The show car should thus be roadworthy. Among the eye-catchers include the counter-opening rear doors as well as gleaming chrome 20-inch wheels. The fact that the wheels are properly staged, and a coilover suspension is due to: It lowers the body quite a bit towards the ground. Really cream is knocked out with light, soft leather interior: Here you can comfortably Florida experience. The study is powered by a 245-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the exhaust a throaty voice in my sport will be awarded. At least by this engine we will hear again: He should fire the sports sedan Optima GT autumn 2016th

For the wilderness: PacWest Adventure Sorento

At nature lovers a Sorento - conversion, the " PacWest Adventure " is directed. He does not just stand by a lift kit to 15 centimeters, an intake snorkel and a martial underrun protection, but above all by its iridescent paint. The designs are intended to show the beauty of the forest in the Pacific Northwest of America. Strong contrast to them all chrome parts of the car are painted in matt black. To the light in the dark are LEDs mounted in wide strips on each roof rack and the front bumper worry.

Photo Safari Sedona

A special emergency vehicle for professional and amateur photographers shows a striking reconstruction of Vans Sedona ( was sold to us as Carnival ). The former eight-seater has a cargo area as missed in a pick-up, there may be a lot of equipment to be accommodated. On a steel pipe system and outriggers are photo, video and Action cameras can be attached. Large headlight bridges on the roof and on the front, and LEDs on the sides make night photography possible. In the rear of Sedona a cutting room is to be found, which offers a special feature: A bucket seat can be driven on a stable rail system as outwardly, that it can be used by photographers as observation place. With the driver he is connected via a headphone system. A separate power supply, the use of the workstation for hours safely, even if the engine is not running the Sedona.

Forte Koup Mud Bogger

The Forte Koup there not to buy from us, he is in terms of size comparable to the CEE`D. At the SEMA Forte Koup the Mud Bogger can be seen, an extreme single piece of pure Gaudi during off-road driving. In order to get through thick mud, the Forte are widened track and heavy-tread tires missed. Thus, the powerful wheels can be accommodated, as well as there still fender flares with riveted plastic articles. Inside was compact car almost completely cleared and redecorated with racing shells, a sport steering wheel and a rollover protection cage . ( hd )