Kia Picanto X-Line: Robust Power Dwarf

Frankfurt/Main, 25. September 2017

What is the Trend? This question not only drives the choice of researchers, but also car companies. Kia has identified two tendencies in the smallest vehicle class: The city cars are always more, at the same time a robust look. The result of the Kia Picanto X-Line with 100 HP.

More plastic, more ground clearance

Both of these ideas are not new: VW has been offering the model of care of Up in the year 2016, a turbo diesel with 90 HP. It is also available in the Cross Up, the look offers a hint of SUV. Also the Kia Picanto, the X-Line sets on a similar Tinsel, which, on closer inspection, in the city's operating advantages. So the ground clearance by 15 mm to 15.6 cm – good for curbs. Add to this the bumpers in SUV style with under-ride protection in metal optics plus body accents in yellow, green or silver. The wheel arches are black in disguise.

100 HP for a city car

Remarkable is the new one-litre turbo petrol engine, which comes as the X-Line of the Picanto in the fourth quarter of 2017. In can be ordered with either the X Line or the sporty GT Line. The key data for power blade: 100 HP of power and 172 Newton metres of torque between 1,500 and 4,000 tours. In 10.1 seconds it goes to 100 kph, the fuel consumption of Kia estimated to be 4.5 liters. Also, the VW Up has a turbo diesel with a displacement of one litre. This comes to 90 HP and 160 Newton metres, and is therefore somewhat weaker than the Kia. With 9.9 seconds to 100 kph, the VW has but in the Sprint, the nose slightly in front. Does not react to the prices of the strongest Picanto Kia.(rh)