Kia Ceed Sportwagon in Geneva

Geneva, 6. March 2018

Who remembers the good-looking "Kia Proceed sport study" by the IAA in 2017, maybe a little disappointed when he sees the new Ceed sport wagon. The at the Geneva motor show (8. to 18. March 2018) shown combination works, in comparison, very conventionally. However, the newbie shines with other qualities.

40 Percent Of The Combined Quota

The Ceed sport wagon is not unimportant, because, so far, about 40 percent of the Ceed customers decided for him. During the normal Ceed length and wheelbase compared to the predecessor remain unchanged, the new sport wagon is ten inches longer and now measures 4.60 meters. The trunk volume increases by 72 to 600 litres. Thus, the compact class estate is a class of higher-ranked Audi A4 Avant (505 liters) loose in the bag. A sensor-controlled electric tailgate, as well as a two-fold split backrest, fold-down rear seat as an Extra offered.

Combi starts in the autumn of 2018

The motors are the same as in the normal Ceed to the third Generation. In addition to the known suction gasoline engine with 100 HP and the 1.0 T-GDI with 120 HP there is a new 1.4 T-GDI with 140 HP. Diesel drivers can get a new 1.6-Liter engine with 115 or 136 HP order. The exhaust gas purification is at least in the case of turbo engines up-to-date: The T-GDI's get a gasoline particulate filter, turbo diesel, a SCR exhaust gas purification. The availability of technology, infotainment displays up to 8.0 inches, a heated windscreen, a driving mode selection, as well as a traffic jam assistant. The five-door hatchback model will be approximately delivered from the end of June 2018, the sport wagon starts only in the fall. The prices are not yet known.(sl)