(K)an Airstream for the poor

Merenberg, 28. June 2017

The dream of many a Caravan, a friend is one of the famous Airstream trailer from the USA. However, the mobile Aluminium-dwellings are not a special offer. Some relief will now offer a new base model. The appropriate Name: Basecamp, so the base camp.

Under-five meters

Is highlighted, the compact length, it is approximately 4,96 meters. The width of the Interior of the Airstream Basecamp comes to 1.94 meters. What is striking is the large rear door is to simplify the transportation of sports equipment such as bikes or canoes. In the bow, both have a kitchen with Two-burner stove, sink and refrigerator as well as a wet room with a toilet and a shower. Heating is included, an optional air-conditioning can be ordered. To the side is an additional door for the located entry and exit.

Expensive Conversion

However, it is not a specially designed for the European model to be produced. Due to the high demand in the United States, the Basecamp is imported and converted. This task is the Roka-Werk GmbH accepts Merenburg in Limburg. There, one of the followers can be viewed. The base price but has it all: 44.317 euros, for the upgrading of the electrical system, the gas system and the outdoor lighting, as well as the authorisation in accordance with European Standards 9.580 euros, according to the Roka probably also due. Also patience is needed because it is expected that delivery times of six to eight months.(rh)