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Chengdu ( China ), September 2, 2014

In China, the car customer is king: where the action is when it comes to economic growth, even if government intervention in the vehicle market increase. Nevertheless, the center will be presented special models in the kingdom that can arouse the envy of European fans in some cases. Such a case is the Lamando, the VW is currently on the Chengdu Motor Show ( until September 7, 2014 ) presents.

golden Mean

Basis for the Lamando, whose name is from the Spanish word for " command, enjoin " is derived, is the study " New Midsize Coupe ". The short NMC-called concept vehicle was in April 2014, on the auto show in Beijing. The near-series car was shorter than the Jetta known to us, however, at 1.83 meters wider than the Passat with 4.60 meters. Striking is the height of only 1.42 meters. In the trunk fit 500 liters of luggage, as the engine a 220 - hp turbo gasoline engine was provided in the study.

CC in miniature

When serial Lamando weaker aggregates should come to train. Basis for the coupe-like four-door is the CC, as a technical basis is the modular transverse matrix MQB. Optically mixes the Lamando elements of " western " Jetta ( in China there is a Jetta, but on the Polo based) and the new Passat. In addition, a short front overhang and LED taillights. With the Lamando VW wants to show that using the MQB depending on market demand special models are possible. Whether we can therefore hope for a Golf CC Europeans ? ( rh )