JCW GP Concept: Mini max

Munich, 6. September 2017

Ask a die-hard Mini Fan, what he thinks about the sportiness of the current models. Probably he will sigh softly. And with the clicking of the tongue, if you mention the John Cooper Works GP 2012. This 2,000-piece limited edition Super-Mini tackerte with 218 HP, a Grin in the face of the driver. Now Mini presents a new edition, but only as a study at the IAA in 2017 (14. - 24. September): the John Cooper Works GP Concept.

Heavy wings

Similar to the recently presented study of Mini-Electric Concept, on the Basis of the current to be optically feasible. Like the Electric Concept, the JCW GP Concept rear has lights with the "Union Jack". Overall, the racing Mini is a little crass. This fat Front and rear aprons, side skirts, 19-inch wheels and a striking roof spoiler. The latter varies between a classic bar and plane-tail. Added to this is a fat Spoiler excrescence in front of the front axle. Of course Mini is in terms of Carbon, not rags. Overall, the JCW GP Concept as the normal three-door model would be in an additional bowl.

With more than 250 HP in the series?

To get started, you have to climb through a roll cage. In the interior with only two bucket seats with Five-point harnesses, steering Wheel, and reduced the Cockpit. The latter relies on a mix of digital instrument cluster and Head-up Display. So the driver should need to turn his gaze from the road. Classically, the Mini-toggle switch and a large Emergency stop only-button. On a rear seat, a headliner, and conventional exterior mirrors, the study omitted consistently. What is the drive could have a potential production model? Already, the current John Cooper Works delivers 231 HP. The Turbo four-cylinder with the Code B48 is also running in various BMW models. There the Maximum is 252, and 258 HP.(rh)