Jaguar after facelift F-type in 28 versions

F-type in 28 versions

Jaguar has visually changed the F-type for the new model year and supplemented with a standard now in the entire series and modern Infotainment System. Even the Interior has been upgraded with new, lightweight seats and high-quality materials and surfaces.

After its introduction in the year 2012, the F-type now experienced its first facelift. It starts with an extension of the model range to 28 versions - from the V6 model with 250 kW / 340 HP and manual to the four-wheel drive and 322 km/h of fast F-type SVR with 5.0 liter V8 compressor. For the first time the in-control-touch-Pro-Infotainment system as standard equipment is used in the entire series. Its extremely fast response times, intuitive Tablet-style, smart navigation features like share ETA as well as traffic and weather reports in real time online services open a whole world of information the driver at your fingertips.

On the occasion of the introduction of the new model year Jaguar at prices from $99 350 hung up in addition an unlimited 400 sport Edition, which by a 294 kW / 400 HP strong 3.0-liter V6 compressor unit is powered. This variant will complement worldwide offering regular 2018 for the duration of the model year. (ampnet/SM)