ix35-Fuel-Cell-successor for 2018

Offenbach, 17. August 2017

Completely surprisingly, Hyundai has unveiled recently the first pictures of a new SUV. In addition to the models, Kona and Tucson will compete in 2018, apparently, a further Crossover to the buyers. However, in the case of the as-yet-nameless car is not any of the conventional SUV, but the successor to the ix35 Fuel Cell with a fuel cell.

The Design: Inspired by water

Unlike the ix35 Fuel Cell, the new hydrogen car has been redesigned from the ground up. We recognize trains of the FE Concept, which was unveiled at the beginning of March 2017 at the Geneva auto salon. The manufacturer says that the forms of nature were affected. Of water, to be exact. How fitting. The Front is a little reminiscent of the blend of Kona and Tucson, the very smooth and very round rear in the surfaces of the built-in return, we have not seen lights so even in the case of Hyundai. The recessed door handles we know from the new Range Rover Velar.

Higher efficiency, more HP, higher range

The company said that the SUV almost ready for market. In addition, it should be nine per cent more efficient and 20 percent more powerful than the predecessor model. A few Numbers? Three equally large (but unspecified) high-pressure Tanks to store the hydrogen, which should be enough for up to 800 kilometers. The efficiency of the new fuel cell is 60 percent. The obtained electric energy drives an electric motor with 163 HP.

31 new models by 2020

Together with sister brand Kia, Hyundai wants to bring by 2020 a total of 31 vehicles with alternative drives on the market. These are cars with electric, Hybrid. Plug-in Hybrid or fuel cell drive. After being the Ioniq has come on the market, Hyundai in the first half of the year 2018, an electric Version of the Kona with a range of up to 390 kilometres. The new hydrogen SUV is already at the beginning of 2018 revealed. And then we also know the new name ...(ml)