Is that the new ( Frontantriebs- ) 1er?

Guangzhou ( China ), November 20, 2015

On the Chinese Auto Guangzhou 2015 BMW shows the Concept Study Compact Sedan. There is a mile long to release that celebrates every single brushstroke of designers, as if someone had just invented the new sedan. Facts, however remain scarce. Very rare, because to be exact, there are none. It is of great potential for growth in the Chinese premium compact market 's speech and that the new study emblematic of the feeling of a younger generation in China is that apparently " self-confident, dynamic, highly quality-conscious and with a sense of aesthetics ."

If the new 1er here?

So far so good. When we look at the Concept Compact Sedan, but we tend to think of the 1er 2017 Advised BMW sedan, which already diligently rotates as Erlkönig their test laps. In China and the United States is slowly takes namely an opponent for Mercedes CLA and Audi A3 sedan. But this compact sedan seems to regain popularity in Europe.

More space thanks to UKL

In the side view of the sedan design study reminds 1er the current BMW. At least until the C-pillar. Behind there is a short but elegant tailgate and a beefy - wide butt. With the 20 - inch wheels and the wheel arches, the concept is pretty good on the road or at the booth. You have the designers concede that their compact limousine design elegant and prestigious looks than its competitors from Ingolstadt and Stuttgart. Good to see: The entire front section is shorter than the 1 Series. This suggests that this study ( and thus probably the new 1 Series sedan ) stands on BMWs front drive platform UKL. The 2er Active Tourer, the X1 and the Mini they already use. The advantages are obvious: cost savings through economies of scale and significantly more interior space by transverse engines.

Even with a hybrid?

Speaking of engines: What is under the hood of the Concept Compact Sedan, BMW does not say. But come BMWs current three-and four-cylinder engines, as well as a plug-in hybrid in question for the future 1 Series sedan. For the more powerful variants, there should be also known Haldex all-wheel drive.

Interior acts seriennah

Inside, the Concept Compact Sedan looks relatively seriennah despite some, typical studies shenanigans. Large doors and so-called " soft-touch "-Türgriffe which open at your fingertips, is comfortably successful start. There is a head-up display with washer and a 8.8-inch infotainment system and a large panoramic roof, which is the underline loud BMW, generous interior space of the sedan. The functions on the steering wheel and center console and the door opener be operated via a touch surface. Back there are two individual seats and " a lot of room for personal development ." It will be interesting how much the Concept Compact Sedan ultimately remains in the future BMW 1 Series sedan . ( sw )