Introducing Peugeot 5008 from van to the SUV

From the van to the SUV

The name has remained, but everything else is different: Peugeot vans from immediately history are, because now the last vehicle for family and leisure time follows the current trend with the new Peugeot 5008 and mutates like earlier the 3008 to a - if not entirely genuine - SUV. For the little brother the transformation was carried out with great success, it was up only just the title of "Car of the year 2017", after he has laid the strongest sales start in the last 20 years since October. Well 20 cm stretched 5008 sees him at the confusingly similar, wants reconfigurable with its large variability and lots of storage space again capture but also the previous van customers.

So, Peugeot now new "adventure-SUV" measures 4.64 meters, where Interior and passengers benefit especially from the 2.84-metre long wheelbase. Three equal width as well as multiple relocatable - and tilting bucket seats, with which you can adapt to passenger and luggage room depending on the needs can be found in the second row. Pushed all the way back, the legs can be almost beat each other, no matter what just front sits for a long Mohammed. And the trunk behind it, which can be optional (from 450 euros) per lateral foot kick under the rear bumper open and closed, swallows still lush 780 liters, which can be stowed on a low loading edge.

The retractable seats in series three are a special feature in the segment. With a handle can be up the 800 Euro-expensive options, even if entry and posture for articulated contemporaries or the young short-haul are suitable. Thanks to the locking lever on the side can also quite easily take out the 11 kilogram lightweight seats and increase so the maximum 1940 litre load volume again to less than 40 litres per seat. More 38 liters are in the many compartments to stow. And from the second highest facilities of allure even the front passenger seat can be flipped forward, so that up to 3.18 metres long items can - be transported depending on whether the "adventure" on the surf beach or in the IKEA parking lot is to take place.

Peugeot 5008 in gewonter SUV optics

Visually, the 5008 of the 3008 is cut from the face. Same classic SUV features such as increased ground clearance and massive front black panelling on the wheelhouses, the high belt line, which contrast with dynamic swings and beading in the sheet metal. The jagged lights with the curved LED daytime running light strips about as well as the claw-shaped LED taillights integrated into a shiny black bezel are particularly noticeable next to the upright grille. Unlike as in the 3008, however, the tail at the Peugeot 5008 drops almost vertically.

© PeugeotPeugeot 5008. Also Interior and equipment were taken almost completely from the 3008. Above all the small, attached below instrument cluster steering wheel. Since the introduction of the 208 more than five years ago, the French on their so-called i-cockpit swear. However, in a SUV? Here, the deep-seated, now top and bottom flattened mini-Volant has almost been a little out of place. But the benefits arise quickly in use. Ergonomics and handling are excellent when the lane change or manoeuvring in the city, as well as when cruising over land. The big chariot has formally loose in the handle.

And it enjoys views of the standard 12.3-inch digital display that can be designed according to personal taste. So, turn from the horizontal frontal in a vertical view of rollers such as speedometer and tours counter and back to the edge, to make room for navigation, audio, or on-board computer displays. Right next to it another 8-inch touch screen in the Tablet design (or active) is perched, significantly more intuitive and better to use than anything else so far has used Peugeot. Last but not least, because directly below six analog rocker switches in the chic design of piano keys for the quick access to climate, audio, navigation, telephone, on-board information and mobile apps are installed.

At all the interior makes a high-quality, almost homely impression with two-part instrument carrier. There are satin chrome, aluminium and carbon decoration, even textiles and real wood inlays. For frequent travellers, a comfort seat (250 euro) with the seal of approval of the action of healthy is also offered back (EGR) which is extra even electrically adjustable and heated and equipped with massage function against 1100 euro. And it is really French with the i-cockpit amplify. Thus the display and ambient light color, the surround sound as well as a perfume dispenser can be at your fingertips with specially designed aromas vary. That is perhaps not for everyone, especially for an SUV in the off-road look.

© PeugeotPeugeot 5008. However consistent that the Peugeot 5008 only with front-wheel drive is to have. Instead of all-wheel drive, there is the so-called grip control, an advanced traction control system that can pull the car over five adjustable driving modes (normal, snow, mud, sand, ESP off) bailout in the higher allure and GT equipment starting from 200 euro extra. For the Peugeot 5008 was also extended by a hill descent control. A real 4 × 4 drive does not replace the system though, but most need the anyway not. In cities and urban agglomerations - where the majority of SUVS on the road - or in most driving situations, snow or rain, and the advanced traction control reliably does their service.

The same applies to the tried and tested engines. Two petrol engines with 96 kW / 130 HP and 121 kW / 165 HP and three diesel 88 kW / 120 HP to 132 kW / 180 HP were also adapted from the 3008. Already the base gasoline engine, a three-cylinder turbo, is slightly snarling, but fast on the road. A better choice are still the disreputable diesel, particularly the 150PS strong 2,0-liter - diesel with powerful 370 nm torque. Thus sprints the 5008 playful in 9.6 seconds on road speed, offers any good response and know to with standardized 4.6 to 4.8 liters his fuel thirst to rein in.

Somewhat annoying, however, once again the intricate (hide-and-seek) game with prices and options. The entry starts from 24 650 euro in the facilities of access, including climate and audio system, cruise control, lane and traffic sign detection as well as the digital instrument cluster. However, there is this version only with the base gasoline engine. The diesel start only with the second equipment active 30-350 euro, which include a two zone climate control, the 8-inch touchscreen tablet together with the "keyboard" button and 17-inch alloy wheels to. Goodies such as the grip control, the i-cockpit amplify or the sensor-controlled tailgate are available only at an additional cost. Or standard in the top version of GT, offered but only with the large 180 HP diesel engine and not proud 41-550 euro. (ampnet/wal)

Technical data Peugeot 5008 2.0 l BlueHDi FAP 110 kW allure