Infrastructure levy illegal?

Munich, June 18, 2015

" In order to maintain the high standard of the German infrastructure network and to cope with the forecasted traffic growth in passenger and freight traffic ," our current Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt ( CSU ), the car toll devised. After the Bundestag had made the introduction of tolls on 27 March 2015 decided thing, the system should be implemented effectively finance already in 2016. But exist at EU level remain doubtful, Mr Dobrindt therefore now announced a postponement of the planned introduction on.

Controversial from the outset

Since the beginning of the toll debate is repeatedly pointed to Europe concerns, because the bottom line is the toll is paid only by foreign car drivers. Driver approved in Germany cars would be reimbursed the additional costs through a reduction in vehicle tax. Such a construct discriminated against foreign motorists. This prohibits EU law. Not surprisingly, therefore, the current news of the postponement of the introduction.

Financially at all worthwhile?

In addition to the legal issues in the car toll also can not be expected with large revenues. As reports show, annual gross revenue of about 260 million euros are solely of foreign car drivers expect. This would almost completely devour the collection and administration costs. The Federal Ministry of Transport, however, calculated foreign revenues of around 700 million euros. With system costs of about 200 million euros per year around half a billion euros would flow into the household budget in this case.

Opinions of ADAC and ACE

The two major automobile club ADAC and ACE hold now by Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt arranged postponement of the introduction of a car toll right and urgently necessary. In view of the measures announced by the EU infringement proceedings against the Federal Republic, this step comes after assessment of the automobile clubs though late but just in time. As long as the test ?? whether the German passenger car toll is compatible in the prepared form to date with current EU law or not ?? running, the planned introduction in 2016 is probably the time being on ice . (ml)