Industry critical of CO2-events EU

The European car industry is concerned about the impact of new agreements of the European Union regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions. Although the new standards are considered, as a compromise, to bring the events according to automobile manufacturers, their competitive position is in danger.

Member states of the EU agreed Tuesday agreed that passenger cars in 2030, on average, 35 percent less emissions compared to the 2021 and vans 30 percent. That is less than the reduction of 40 percent where the European Parliament last week agreed and Netherlands, among others, argued in favour of.

The European autobranchevereniging ACEA calls the appointments,less aggressive than the proposals of the European Parliament". Nevertheless, fears the sector, negative consequences for its competitiveness, for employees in the sector and for consumers.

The ACEA focuses her arrows on the proposal of the European Parliament, car manufacturers quotas for the sale of electric or low emission vehicles. Those cars would be in 2030 should be good for 35 percent of all newly sold cars and vans, but according to the lobby group is not feasible.