In the cold, just a wiper is good

Munich, February 2, 2015

" B├╝gelwischer are cheaper, but awkward to assemble, beams wiper more expensive but better". That this rule of thumb is not always valid, shows the current test of the automobile club ADAC. Eight wiper blades, three achieved the overall rating of " good". Below is the Bosch Twin spoiler also an ordinary B├╝gelwischer, which is even cheaper in two cases as a modern bar wiper. However, a change from ironing on the beam system is not possible anyway without further notice.

Test Surprise 1: Expensive wiper only in third place

The good news of the test is: No product fell through, all the tested wipers were "good" or "satisfactory " rating. There were also a few surprises. How much is the third-placed Visioflex the company SWF 37 euros ten euros more than the winner of Bosch Aerotwin Multi. This was also the only one the simulated winter at minus ten degrees grown well. The remaining seven wiper reached in the cold chamber only rated " satisfactory" or " unsatisfactory ".

Test Surprise 2: Large scattering

The results of the wiping quality were strikingly different from some commercial products. The assessment presented for specimens of the same type of " very good" to "sufficient". Statement of experts: Because rubber has changed with age, some test products must have been lying for some time on the shelf. For the benefit of the consumer therefore calls for the Auto Club to provide replacement wiper to trade in a highly visible production date. In Car tires, this requirement is already being implemented.

Wiping quality, durability, and more

With a weighting of 90 percent, the wiping quality was evaluated in the test: Only when new, then after 150 000. wiping cycles as well as a simulation of the influence of UV light at 20 degrees plus and minus 10 degrees. With ten percent of the processing, the risk of injury during assembly and of course the instructions in the outcome were included . ( sl)