In Detroit: Mercedes Coupé GLE

Stuttgart, December 10, 2014

That Mercedes has a BMW X6 opponents in the pipeline, has long been known. At NAIAS Auto Show in Detroit ( January 12 to 25 2015), the GLE coupe is now presented. It gets a name with a new structure as another Mercedes model. "G " indicates that it is an off road vehicle / SUV (to bedrock to the G-Class remember), the "E" stands for the series, including the infected. According to the old name would be the GLE Coupe ie a M-Class Coupe. The "L" by the way has no fixed meaning, it is inserted so that the letters can better express.

GLE 450 AMG AMG sports model

The top version will be the first GLE 450 4Matic AMG with 367 hp from a three-liter V6. It is the first vehicle from the new series of so-called "AMG Sport models ". Which are less than the otherwise brutal AMG offshoot, but differ visually and in a sportier suspension tuning of their weaker brethren. That further AMG version with V8 and much more power will be submitted later, is not improbable: Finally rival BMW holds with 575 hp in the new X6 M on the other hand.

Another petrol and one diesel

In addition to the Light - AMG version `s the 4.90 meter long coupe GLE 400 4Matic with 333 hp, three-liter V6 petrol and as GLE 350 d 4Matic with three-liter V6 diesel. The diesel engine delivers 258 hp and 620 Newton meters creates muscular cause. The power is sent to a permanent all-wheel drive at all three by nine-speed automatic transmission. In the weaker versions, the power is distributed in the ratio 50:50 between the axles, the AMG rear-biased designed with 40:60.

Up to 22-inch wide wheels

The weaker variants of the SUV - coupe come from the factory with 20 - inch wheels, but may take up to 22 inch wheels work. The latter even with mixed tires, but now in conjunction with the likewise optional air suspension Airmatic and the continuously variable adaptive damping system (ADS Plus). These systems have the AMG already standard, it is also provided at no extra charge with 21-inch wheels.

Classic analog instruments

For his passengers provides the GLE coupe sport seats and a compact sports steering wheel. Behind the wheel sit classic analog instruments, further information can be seen on the big screen in the center console. The functions are as known from Mercedes, controlled by the controller and touch pad in the thighs. At the orderable technical features include an adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go-pilot as well as the anticipatory safety system PRE-SAFE with brake function and pedestrian detection or active Blind Spot Assist and Lane Keeping Assist. In general, the wizard: When parking can help in addition to a 360 - degree camera also a park steering assistant.

Electric trailer coupling

The interior has room for five people, the trunk can hold with folded seatbacks 1,650 liters. That's more than the arch rival of Munich swallows ?? in the X6 fit only 1,525 liters. The program also has an electrically retractable and extendable towing hook, with which also comes an ESP trailer stabilization. After all, could tow up to 3.5 tonnes, the Coupé.

Dates and prices until January 2015

Further technical data and prices for the GLE coupe will tell until January 2015. Show Mercedes-Benz. The car can be ordered from this time, in July 2015, the first units to be delivered. The GLE without coupe roof line, which is the successor of the M-Class and the counterpart of the BMW X5 is presented later in 2015 . (HD)