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Cologne, 5 December 2016

If you want to have your own peace at Christmas, then you should include in this new candy which probably so good it is dwarven mobility your young. Yes, Ford and toys giant Fisher-price have turned the current Mustang in an absolutely great toy for about three to six children. And they have stuffed it with technology that some small cars would like to call his own. Say hello to the "power wheels riding toy Mustang". Including electric drive and smart-drive technology.


Yes, it's true: this mini Mustang features thanks to "smart drive" on a stability and traction control. This means: no matter how much your pets (or the ill-bred neighbor's brood) in your garden also the inner Rosberg, it can more or less nothing happen. The computer in this small plastic high-tech phenomenon monitored the apportion and recognizes dangerous angle. Say: The offspring may have to go to the bathroom maybe problems, but plowing through wet grass and bumpy terrain, as if it were nothing. And should loud exuberance actually a rollover threatens, presses the sensor of in between the stability control and switches off the engine. Whether the "ESP" in daring drift maneuvers intervenes, is unfortunately not known.

All digital

Monitoring various driving situations makes sense, by the way, because the kids Mustang creates frighteningly fast eight km/h top speed. Thus he leaves McLaren recently introduced Rotzlöffel hyper athlete P1 loosely. This is barely reached five kilometers per hour. Quite unusually for a Ford Mustang monumental propulsion is generated here by the way, by an electric motor. Since the Green muscle car conscience laughs. How far are the junior pilots with one battery charge, is not known. However, can concern the parents their small forward speeders influence, because the toy Mustang features a digital speed controller LED touchscreen (adjustable between one to eight km/h). Also the battery State of charge can be read on the same. Even a "slow start and stop" the resourceful toy engineers have built in function. Aims to ensure "Smooth acceleration and braking". Astray.

With V8 sound

More technology compliant? No problem. The Mustang for children is quite incidentally also a real multimedia wonder. Its built-in sound system generates engine sounds recorded at a real Mustang. Very realistic, the whole thing focuses even at the speed of the vehicle. Rare's probably cheaper, to fill the neighborhood with brabbeligen V8 sounds. Has the child enough of V8 (to Yes there), the mini-Stang over an additional AUX-in Jack plays but also their favorite music. Thanks to real Mustang design sees the shrunken icon also amazingly similar to their real role model. All, depending on taste, sporting a subtle blue or pink zuckrig-prinzessinenhaftem.

Only in the States

You wait all the time for the big 'But'? Now, the price of $ 359,99 (about 337 euros) appears quite fair considering the offer. Rather, the "$" are the problem. It really is a shame, but the toy Mustang exclusively in North America is currently offered. Whether, when, and for what price he comes also to Europe, is still unknown. (black & white)