Hybridisch, semi- autonomous and with pet detection

Cologne, December 2, 2015

The fact that the new Volvo S90 sedan 's and 2016 launches, was already known. Also, that it is based as the XC90 on the new SPA architecture. But now there are the first images from the S80 's successor. World premiere of the S90 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit ( January 11 to 24 2016).

Part Autonomous driving possible

The S90 has, according to Volvo about a variety of new technologies, from the most modern security systems to cloud-based apps and services. A special highlight is the so-called Pilot Assist. It keeps the vehicle at speeds of up to 130 km / h steering interventions in the track, even if no preceding vehicle ?? a further step towards autonomous driving.

Animal recognition ?? even in the dark

Another novelty in the S90 is the detection of large animals during the day and also at night. The risk of collisions with moose, reindeer, horses or cows is reduced by warning indicators and braking interventions, the impact can often be prevented completely even. Particularly proud of Volvo is also on the chassis. It is designed to provide " a unique sense of precision, control and comfort ."

Hybrid system and four-wheel drive

The Volvo S90 is powered by, inter alia, a plug-in hybrid system. Like the XC90 is this version T8 Twin engine, it should therefore be the same system. The standard consumption estimated Volvo with 1.9 liters, corresponding to 44 grams of CO2 per kilometer. This hybrid system is an all-wheel drive would result. According to earlier announcements by Volvo but it is next to give front-wheel drive variants ?? the S80 had only front wheel drive. Which engines are used in this S90 variants, not yet revealed the Swedish manufacturer. A reasonable guess would be as engines of 181 hp D4 and D5 with 220 hp. The new S90 is available from summer 2016 with the dealers. Only towards the end of the year will start the plug-in hybrid, the start of production in November 2016. Prices for the sedan of the upper middle class have not yet been announced . ( sl )