How you really behave in a collision in the holiday country

Goslar, 26 July 2016

15 million Germans are driving every year during the holiday. It's no wonder that even the occasional accident abroad is happening. What you should know about explains the Goslar Institute, which is part of the HUK-Coburg insurance now.

Accident report and green card must be

Before driving away, tourists should get the European accident report and the Green insurance card for car insurance. The latter is no longer prescribed within the EU, can be but helpful. It is required when travelling to Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, Israel, Morocco, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Tunisia, Ukraine and Belarus. The European accident report facilitates the creation of the accident report in the country and abroad. Note, you should also the phone number of the central call of auto insurers: you is the call from abroad 0049 40 300 330 300, domestically to choose 0800 250 260 0. Also the Europe-wide emergency number 112 is important.

Get secure and police

And if there is really an accident? After securing the accident site with safety vests! should you call the police. In some cases, a police accident recording or an opinion of the insurance may be prerequisite for subsequent damages. However, this does not apply to minor damage, for which the police often no longer come out. Then exchange the data with the pedestrians: name and address of the driver, type and identification of the vehicle, name of car owner registered in the registration document and the opposing insurance and insurance number. Best, it has so many data of the third party as possible, because often the claims works faster then. Also the accident record should be as comprehensive and detailed as possible. Abundant help photos from different angles, to document damage and accident sequence of events. Under no circumstances you should sign papers in foreign language.

And if the pedestrians is not insured?

And what if the enemy cause of accident is not insured? Don't worry: There is the compensation body of auto liability insurers that there is in the entire European economic area (EEA). The costs be met out of the guarantee fund of the country from which originated the uninsured accident cause. Nature and extent of damages set however as a rule according to the law of the country of accident. (sl)