Honda drives record time with newcomer

Nürburgring, 24 April 2017

It is a battle that goes to the next round, but probably still is not long to end: In 2015, the then current Honda Civic type R circumnavigated the Northern loop of the Nürburgring in 7: 50,63 minutes. This time, the Japanese compact car was the fastest newcomer at the Green hell. A year later came Volkswagen with the Golf GTI Club Sport S and crossed the finish line first in 7: 49,21 minutes and later at 7: 47,19 minutes. And now? Now Honda has tightened and recaptured the Crown.

Record improved by over three seconds

On 3rd April 2017, a civic type R was chased by Honda on the 21-kilometer district circuit and the stopwatch stopped at 7 minutes, 43.8 seconds. Thus, the strikingly designed car ClubSport S allows the GTI by more than three seconds behind. And in contrast to the type-R predecessor, the time has been improved even by almost seven seconds. A 2.0 four-cylinder turbo gasoline with 310 Horsepower, which emits its power through a six-speed manual transmission (with a shorter translation of the first two courses) at the (of course) front wheels works in the engine room.

State of the series? Almost!

Nevertheless, there were some changes compared to the future model of the series. A roll cage has been installed for security reasons. To compensate for the additional weight, the engineers have developed the rear seats and the Infotainment System. Also equipped the civic type R with road passenger race tyres.

Leader! But for how long?

The record-Honda will come in the summer 2017 on the market. Prices are not yet known so far. The predecessor started at 34,500 euro. And how long the civic type R on its laurels can rest, also remains open. Renault will present the new Mégane r.s.: in the course of the year. And this newcomer from France has also always been a contender on the embattled throne of the Nürburgring-times. (ml)